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Awesome trip.... just need to train the turtles to lay their eggs when i'm there... not a day before I arrive nor the day I've left! That's nature I guess!!

WOW. Fun Fun Fun.
And Badminton Thrown in. Badbados was more fun with your racket and Sun and Sea. Made wonderful friends, and the Promoters/Friends where just that. working hard behind the scenes.
All good things come to and end, but....
The memories live on forever. :)

Awesome 10 day holiday, I enjoyed every second of each day including the times we got caught in the rain. Having the beach right on the doorstep was a dream come true. Thank you all for the wonderful experience......

I have to say this is the best holiday I have been on. I came here not knowing a single person to now, knowing more than 30 new faces. From the badminton tournaments to the Catamaran, each day was amazing.

My two trips allowed me to temporarily suspend my duties of Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Teacher. I became a free spirit. Took on every adventure thrown my way. Exilerating, excellent company, wonderful experiences, trips, weather, we got spoilt, excellent organisation, attention to every detail and eventuality. I was honoured to be part of it!

What an amazing experience....
This holiday has been my best holiday by far. It exceeded my expectations and I would like to thank Mark & Kamilla, Mich & Andrew for organizing such a great trip - you've done an amazing job. Please organize another trip!!!
I also would like to thank Jackie and Derrick for organizing the games and a special thank you goes to Graham. I would not have lasted the trip without you. Thank you x
10 days in the sun, right next to a beach, with many amazing people, rum and rum cake and some badminton that would have been great already. But I was so lucky to experience so many amazing things. Just to name a few - seeing nesting turtles, helping the baby turtles, swimming with turtles twice, having Nathan as my partner in 2 games (thanks Nathan!), the Island tour (Ted, you were great!!!), the catamaran tour, the submarine, breakfast at Sandy Lane and spending time with a great bunch of people. I enjoyed all the fun and laughter we had :-)
I will treasure the memories I have made there forever. Thank you again and I can't wait to see you all at the reunion xx
P.S. Ganzee, thank you for the goodie bag x

Barbados was such an amazing experience. Not only did I get to enjoy some badminton with other like minded badminton fans, I also got to enjoy all the beauty of Barbados (and there is a lot to see). The activities and trips were well organised and nicely spaced out over the 7 days of the trip. It wasn't so heavy that you felt drained after each day. The organisation and effort that went into the trip by the whole team was amazing. Although I missed the first two Barbados trips, I feel extremely privileged to have joined the third. I've met some amazing people along the way and I hope to continue to keep in touch with them going forward. See you on the courts :-)

Awesome holiday....brilliantly organised..by Mark ,Mich and co...one of the best group holiday for me...excellent company..lovely sea...organisers always very much on the ball and very caring and considerate organisers....even when it was not expected of them..hope there is more to come..especially for those who have not had the opportunity to take part...

It was my first time and I only went for week, a week full of surprises and it went by so quickly because it was packed with lots of fun and activities provided by the Brilliant BIC Team.

Starting with the Badminton Tournament, meeting up with old friends and making new ones; mingling with National and International Players; what a treat! The Gala dinner was fantastic; good food and venue. The Island Tour Guide was so funny, kept us entertained all the way, or was it that Rum Punch...Visit to Mount Gay was educational but the best part was filling my suitcase with some of that smooth Rum, along with the souvenirs given to us, very handy indeed.

Finally, I would like to give a MASSIVE THANK YOU to BIC and their Sponsors. A fantastic holiday and enjoyed all the company of the group.
Could not have happened with out detailed organisation and efforts that the BIC Team have inputed.

Amazing and fun, opened my eyes to an amazing part of the world thanks all for arranging the trip defo be on the next one if arrange. :) peace out. X

Wonderful trip! A big thank you to Mark, Mich and the rest of the team for making this an unforgettable badminton vacation.

A massive thanks to the organisers - and what Shirley said!

So when's the next one? ;)

Here is my testimonial in the hopes of a future BiC (...2017 perhaps? ;))

A BIG THANK YOU to all of the organising team for this amazing and unforgettable experience! Bringing together all of my favourite things - badders, beach & sun...and of course wonderful company. It was the right balance of playing badders, organised group trips and free personal time. Now that I've had a taste, surely there must be another one! :)

I was soooo excited waiting for this trip to arrive, I actually drove people mad with my count down App, once at Gatwick my excitement actually heightened, once we arrived at our hotel and I saw the perfect location I was in heaven in paradise :) Mark, Michelle, Kamilla, Andy, Jackie & Derick, THANK YOU ALL, everything you arranged was perfect, the trips were fab, the attention to detail was superb, I left home with one bag, came back like a bag lady, the little bits & pieces you gave us were fab too. You are clearly very very good at this game, so count me in for the next trip.

What can I say been on all 3 trips and all 3 have hit the high notes the attention to detail , making sure everyone is catered for but also everyone had the freedom to do as they wanted, enjoyed helping out and chilling out met some truely amazing people. ( not listing anyone just incase I forget anyone ) but truely heart warming to know we could all come together in such a huge group and have such a fantastic time.

The people at the core of B.I.C are all top people (fam).

The tourniments , Ted Island tours, Mount Gay Rum Tour Catamaran, Turtle on the beach, nights out and beach days, plently laughing and good food with extra good company, even when it did rain, the gala evening & goodie bags, hotel location amazing (keeping it local nice) the attention to details, has always been on point (takes more than alot to get it all rolling, you are all now well seasoned :) ) nothing has compared to these trips, truely blessed.

Last but not least smiles for miles :)

It was amazing to meet such a fun and loving group of ppl it was my first tournament with you guys and i am hoping to have plenty more both ways were u come here and we come there sometime so we can see your beautiful country like how u enjoy ours the tournament was well organize and it was great to see that u get more than one game and you play with every one just a few names i remember big THANKS to u for a great time looking forward to the next one SHARON, MILLI LAW, MARK, DAVID, LORRAINE and the list goes on
In Barbados we don't call our selves friends anymore in badminton we are FAMILY now love u guys xxxxxxxxx

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