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Courtesy Rent-A-Car

Although most may want to relax on the beach whilst drinking some rum, we understand others may want to explore the island by road, so we have taken the trouble of doing all the ground work for you. We have managed to negotiate an exclusive discounted rate for all BIC members with COURTESY RENT-A-CAR, one of the largest and most reputable car hire firms on the island. They have agreed to offer BIC members a competitive rate of car hire during your stay in Barbados.

In order that our members can take advantage of this great deal, we have invited a representative from COURTESY RENTACAR to our ‘Welcome Evening’ which will take place on the evening of 2nd September (arrival evening). The representative will answer all your queries and will be in a position to complete any booking details for you; this will avoid you spending time later in your holiday making the relevant arrangements. Whether you wish to hire a car for 1 or 10 days, it is entirely up to you. The representative will be able to take any payments and arrange for your vehicle to be delivered to the hotel, saving you precious time on the beach …

Driving in Barbados: During our recent visit in January 2015, we discovered that by downloading GOOGLE MAPS or WAZE on your smart phone/ device/ tablet you can map a route to anywhere in Barbados from the hotel and (without any internet connection) be guided to your destination visually. We were able to see our current location every step of the way with the route ahead clearly displayed whilst being offline!!

In Barbados they drive on the left hand side of the road

NOTE Please ensure you have your drivers license and relevant identification required to hire the vehicle.

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