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2nd September 2015


Half day Island tour

Ted's tours Barbados

Highly entertaining island tour showing the best of Barbados in an air conditioned coach.


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Try and come away with a Trophy


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Badminton in the Sun

Come and play badminton with a VIP, in the world of badminton


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Mount gay rum

See the place where Mount Gay rum was born...

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Badminton in the Caribbean is a holiday with Badminton included… Fun, Sun and Sea

Badminton in the Caribbean, or BIC as is most commonly known, is the brainchild of Mark Phillips, a Badminton fanatic based in the UK. Having travelled extensively around the world on various Open Badminton Tournaments, he decided it was time to take a Fun Tournament to the beautiful island of Barbados. Taking all the positive aspects of open tournaments and their knowledge of the island of Barbados, Mark and his team of Badminton enthusiasts have created a unique holiday with Badminton included. People believe you have to love badminton to be on this trip, but this is a trip which caters for everyone, i.e. the Badminton enthusiasts and their non-playing partners! Whilst you are playing badminton your partner could be enjoying the soft white sandy beaches available at the hotel and around the island.

Badminton in the Caribbean is a holiday, in the paradise island of Barbados, organised by Badminton lovers for Badminton lovers …


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The Badminton VIP

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