Horse racing - Garrison Savannah

The race course

Horse Racing SAVANNAH Garrison - 5th September 2015

Ascot this is not….leave your fancy hats at home

Thoroughbred Horse racing has taken place at the Garrison Savannah for over 150 years. Horse racing is buzzing in Barbados and there are only three seasons throughout the year. As if by magic the races are on during your stay, so you will be able to experience all the action. Some of the island’s best jockeys and trainers race, amongst them, Patrick Husbands has been top jockey a staggering seven times. Race Days are fun days and many tourists join with the locals to savour the action in a carefree relaxed atmosphere...see you at the races!


  • Grand Stand - BDS $20.00 adults / $10.00 children 5 - 12 years
  • Field Stand & Chandler Stand - BDS $10.00 adults / children under 12 years are Free
  • Grounds - FREE

At the Garrison Savannah you can bet on a fun day out, for both locals and visitors.

Hope you enjoy the 2015 Horse Racing meets in Barbados ...see you at the races!

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