Badminton Days

The games

Thursday 3rd September 10am - 4pm

Tournament day 1

Location: Sir Garfield Sobers Stadium

This is played in a doubles format within each group, changing partners with each game.

There will be ladies and men’s groups with players with the most points from each group moving forward to the knock out stage. Group sizes will be dependent on the number of participants.

Friday 4th September 10am - 4pm

Tournament day 2

Location: Sir Garfield Sobers Stadium

On day two we will be playing a Team format.

This is a more relaxed approach to badminton, making it a really a fun day.

Pairs from each team play one game against the other teams; pairs are swapped when playing the next match up.

The number of teams and team sizes are dependent on the number of BIC participants - we then play a straight final.

The rules

All games are played to the new badminton rules (21 Points) with no setting.

The tournaments will start in the morning and last all day ending 4pm.

When you arrive at the Gymnasium, there will be a sign-in desk where you are required to register with Jackie and Derrick, who will be organising all the games. Once Jackie and Derrick are ready, they will call all participants together and outline the order of play. Please ensure you are on time and co-operate fully with the games makers.

If you are early and would like to warm-up prior to the tournament, there will be courts available for that purpose.

All participants are required to be at the Gymnasium by 0930hrs (local time) if you are not ready to play by this time, you are liable to be scratched from the Tournament for the day.

Health & Safety:

  • It is typical to see delays between your matches, so ensure you keep hydrated.
  • Please remember if you have any injuries/niggles incurred during play, Graham our resident Osteopath, is available throughout the tournament in the Medic room at the Gymnasium.
  • Complimentary fruit and water will be available throughout the Tournament to replenish your energy.

Remember this is an Open Fun Tournament and we want everyone to enjoy the experience

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